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Redirection – We have moved!

10 Dec

A warm thank you to all our blog readers over the last few years. This blog will be closing shortly and we very much hope that you will follow us to our new home at

Here are some idea s for how you can keep StAnza in your life!

WordPress users: How you can follow the StAnza blog

If you follow the stanza blog through the WordPress reader, you can still follow the blog at its new location.

To add StAnza Poetry Festival to your reader, click your Reader tab and then Manage. (On older versions click EDIT).



At the top of the page, enter in the “Enter a site URL to follow” box.



‘Reader’ users: How to use the RSS feed on the Stanza blog

Aggregator software (readers) monitor blogs you are interested in and let you know which ones have new entries without having to check each one.

Your reader should find the RSS feed automatically if you just enter the URL of the Stanza Blog feed:

Popular free aggregators are:


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