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StAnza 2015 live online today, be sure to tune in!

7 Mar

Watch StAnza 2015 live on your pc, laptop, ipad, tablet, smartphone, whatever and wherever you are, 10am today and 10am tomorrow




This morning join Kei Miller, Bill Manhire, Kim Simonsen and Christine De Luca



StAnza 2015 Edinburgh Preview

14 Jan

Christine De Luca (photo by Dawn Marie Jones)

Christine De Luca (photo by Dawn Marie Jones)

For those of you who like to hold it in your hands, the StAnza brochure for 2015 is almost ready and looking good. It will be available hot from the printers at our first preview event of the year.

This takes place at the National Library of Scotland, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EW on Tuesday 27th January at 6pm, and as ever we’re very grateful to the NLS for their support. There will be short readings from several of this year’s festival poets including Edinburgh’s makar Christine De Luca and Gaelic poet Peter Mackay. All this, plus some music from Edinburgh’s own Kirsty Law, who will be singing at the Festival Launch in March, and a round-up of some of the festival highlights. It promises to be a delightful hour of entertainment and if you’re in the Edinburgh area, be sure not to miss it. It’s a free event but please book a seat by emailing us on info@stanzapoetry.org, or phoning 07900 207 429.

Poetry Map of Scotland, poem 138: Bressa Soond

10 Jan



Firewirks owre Bressa Soond
For Stella Sutherland, Shetland poet

Licht fades peerie-wyes i da simmer dim;
hills cut-oot, black on a egg-shall sky.
Toon lichts mirl, da Soond platt calm.
You hadd your braeth as Shetland sinks
her clooers athin you, beds her doon.
At da crack o firewirks fae da Bressa side
a sel skoits, dooks him ithoot a soond.
Rockets burst heich owre dark watter
een eftir tidder. Abön wis, da sky is
a swirl o cotts, a birl i da darknin.
Der somethin aboot beauty poored oot
at catches i da trot; aboot da prodigal
at laeves wis moothless, winderin,
laek wi da ocean, da lönabrak.

Christine Da Luca

Previously published in North End of Eden, Luath Press Ltd, 2010

licht: light; peerie-wyes: gently, slowly; simmer dim: season of long summer twilight; toon: town; mirl: shimmer; platt calm: perfectly smooth sea; hadd: hold; clooers: claws; sel: seal; skoits: peeps purposively; dooks: dips below surface; een eftir tidder: one after another; abön: above; cotts: petticoats; birl: whirling dance; der: there is; trot: throat; lönabrack: swell and surge of sea breaking

English version

Fireworks over Bressay Sound
For Stella Sutherland, Shetland poet

Light fades gently in summer twilight;
hills cut-out, black on an egg-shell sky.
Town lights shimmer, the Sound flat calm.
You hold your breath and Shetland sinks
her claws in you, beds down.
At the crack of fireworks from the Bressay side
a seal scouts out, slips under soundlessly.
Rockets burst high over dark water
one after another. Above us, the sky is
a swirl of petticoats, a whirl in the darkening.
There’s something about beauty poured out
that catches in the throat; about the prodigal
that leaves us speechless, wondering,
like with the ocean, the breaking surf.


To view our map of Scotland in Poems as it grows, see https://stanzapoetry.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/the-map-revealed/ . For more information on this project, and on how to submit a poem, see https://stanzapoetry.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/mapping-scotland-in-poetry/.

All poems on our poetry map of Scotland and on the StAnza Blog are subject to copyright and should not be reproduced otherwise without the poet’s permission.

A Bird is not a Stone – StAnza presents Palestinian poetry for the SMHAFF

9 Sep

A Bird is not a Stone This year’s SMHAFF Festival runs from 1st to 19th October and the theme for 2014 is “Power”. Once again there will be a Fife programme as part of this in which StAnza will feature. Our event in St Andrews this year for the MHAFF will be a presentation of contemporary poetry from Palestine, as translated by a wealth of Scottish poets, in collaboration with Sarah Irving and Henry Bell, editors of “A Bird is not a Stone”, a new anthology from Freight Books which was published earlier this year. Two of the Scottish poets involved in the anthology, Christine De Luca, Edinburgh’s new Makar, and Harry Giles will be amongst those reading at our StAnza event on 11th October. The original versions in Palestinian will be read by Abla Oudeh. Abla Oudeh Our event to celebrate this new anthology will take place on Saturday 11th October from 2.00pm to 3.00pm in the Council Chamber at the Town Hall, Queens Gardens, St Andrews, Fife KY16 9TA. The event is free, but is subject to the capacity of the venue, so if you want to be sure of a seat, email info@stanzapoetry.org to reserve one. And for more details on what else is happening in Fife during the SMHAFF, full details are online at http://www.mhfestival.com/images/SMHAFF_Fife_Brochure_2014.pdf. A bird is not a stone cover

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