And the winner is . . .

16 Jul

Bob Holman at the 2011 StAnza Slam
Photo by Long Nguyen

After a weekend of voting, tweeting and much lively online banter, the cyber dust is settling, our slam is over and the votes have been counted. It’s been a close run thing but a winner has emerged.

Therefore, in the tradition of awards the world over – but without the ripping of envelopes – we hereby announce the top five slammers in reverse order:

In fifth place: Tila and Tavelah Robinson

In fourth place: Elspeth Murray and Richard Medrington

In third place: Tony Walsh (Longfella)

In second place: Donnie Welch

And the winner is . . . Kevin P. Gilday

We will be posting Kevin’s winning poem, plus another, on this Blog on 20th July.

Congratulations to all those on the shortlist, and thanks to everyone who took part – and everyone who voted! Keep an eye out for some highlights from the longlist over the next few weeks . . .

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